Viral Delivery Boy Sonu became Zomato’s new face After Creating Sensation over Internet

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Sonu, a rider of a food delivery company named Zomato, has become an overnight internet sensation. By sharing Sonu’s video on social media, people are laughing a lot. Users have praised Sonu’s smile and his style of talking

Sonu’s smile is being discussed everywhere on social media. People liked his video so much that they asked to increase the his salary.

In Sonu’s viral video, when a person is asking him about his earnings, he is happy and is answering. Just on this smile of Viral Sonu, people fell in love with him. After the video became viral, various types of demands are being sought for Sonu over social media.

Sonu’s Smile is the Internet Sensation

Not video but Viral Sonu’s smile is creating sensation on social media. People are so impressed with such a cute smile of Sonu and different types of memes are going viral on different social media platforms.

The Zomato company has become so happy with Sonu’s popularity that it has given Sonu the title of ‘Happy Rider’ and Sonu’s picture has also been placed on the company’s account as profile picture. Even Lays India also used image of Sonu in there product’s packet.

Zomato's Profile Picture of Sonu

Sonu is gaining popularity where the company is also get benefited due to the same. At the same time, those who are craving to laugh and smile have received the gift of true and loving smile from Viral Sonu.

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