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Pankaj Tripathi: 15 Unknown Facts About An Earthly Actor True to the Word

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Day by day, the Bollywood Town Directors are hunting for the Best Actors those can add the excitement in the films with their best acting skills. Making Debut in Bollywood is tough for the people with good connections too and the actors those made their debut in Bollywood without any film Industry background are highly appreciable. Pankaj Tripathi is one of the Bollywood Actors who successfully made his debut in B-Town without any connections and now he is the actor who rules the hearts of people with his different characters. This actor is known for his Outstanding Acting and he is notable to do even the hardest roles in an easiest way. 

We gathered some Unknown Facts about Tripathi Ji that his fans surely wants to know about:

1. Completed his Secondary Education in Village

pankaj tripathi old pic
Image Source- The Better India

Actor Pankaj Tripathi was born on 5 September 1976 in a village named Belsand in Gopalganj district of Bihar and there he completed his secondary education.

2. Played Role of Girl in his Village’s Natak

pankaj tripathi old pic during natak
Image Source- The Better India

Before Debut in Bollywood this Multi Talented Actor also played the girl’s role in the plays being held in the village.

3. Survived the Life of Farmer as well

pankaj tripathi farming
Image Source- Postoast

Until he was Studying in 11th Class in his village, he also helped his father in his farming occupation. The actor never underestimate any type of work and his life history also assure this fact as he survived well even throughout the toughest phase of his life too. 

4. Manoj Bajpayee is His Source of Inspiration

Image result for manoj bajpayee and pankaj tripathi
Image Source- The Kapil Sharma Show

The impact of actor Manoj Bajpayee was very profound on his life. Adjacent to his village is Manoj Bajpayee’s village. When Satya was released, people talked a lot about Manoj Bajpayee. At that time, Pankaj Tripathi felt that if a man from a neighboring village can become an actor, then why not he. Manoj Bajpayee aspires Pankaj Tripathi as an inspiration.

5. Political Career at Young Age

Image result for pankaj tripathi as politician
Image Source- Zee News

The actor was part of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad during college politics and was jailed once for 7 Days during 1993 for raising voice against the state government which was then ruled by Lalu Prasad Yadav. 

6. Achievements in Bollywood

pankaj tripathi awarded
Image Source- The Indian Express

Pankaj Tripathi earned several awards in his Bollywood Career and he also said that the awards encourage him to work hard for his acting career. He was named in the National Film Awards 2018 for special mention for his brilliant performance in the film ‘Newton’. Received iReel Awards for Best Actor for his outstanding act in Mirzapur.

7. Father Wanted him to be a Doctor

pankaj tripathi
Image Source- Live Hindustan

Pankaj’s father sent him to Patna for his further higher studies as he wanted him to be a Doctor but there he showed his art in every field with studies and identified the actor that was surviving in him.  

8. Lived the Life of Cook for 2 Years

Image result for pankaj tripathi as cook
Image Source- Mumbai Mirror

After this, he worked as a cook for 2 years in a hotel after taking a course in hotel management. After this, Pankaj left Patna and moved to Delhi. Where his acting journey started after joining the National School of Drama.

9. Studied Under the Roof of Nature

pankaj tripathi
Image Source- DNA India

Until Class 5th, Pankaj studied under a tree as there was no school infrastructure, which he considered as studying under the roof of Nature. At that time, his Village don’t even have the Electricity Facility. 

10. Earlier couldn’t speak Hindi

pankaj tripathi
Image Source- Reader’s Digest

He is from Bihar and his Mother Tongue is Bhojpuri. When he came to Patna to study further and then only he learned to speak Hindi and until that he couldn’t speak in Hindi.

11. Inspires Youths with his True Words

inspirational quotes of pankaj
Image Source- Scoop Whoop

Once he said “My time in the jail enriched me. Aapko pata bhi nahi chalta hai ki aap anubhav se kitna sikhte hai (We remain unaware of how our experiences can shape us).”

12. Proud to be a Bihari

pankaj tripathi with his parents

He is a Proud Bihari as in an Interview he said, “Even if it was for just one scene, I would give my best. Though this conflict was internal, par hum Bihari hain. (I am a Bihari).”

13. Love in Train

pankaj tripathi and his wife

Pankaj fell in love with a girl while traveling on the train. After this, both of them decided to get married. When Pankaj told his family about this, they got angry and were not ready for the love marriage. Pankaj explained a lot to his family and then the family allowed the marriage.

14. Believes in Simple Living and High Thinking

Pankaj Tripathi during pooja
Image Source- India Times

Pakanj may have now become a well-known name in the world of cinema, but in real life he is still a simple person. Pankaj’s parents from Bihar still live in the village and there his parents still didn’t get Television for their Home as they don’t like watching Television. 

15. Established himself as the Brightest Star in B-Town

pankaj tripathi in movie

When he came from Bihar to Mumbai, he had to struggle a lot for auditions. He was not allowed by security guard to enter into the studio and when he received the chances, the producers rejected him. Pankaj says that he was very sad at that time but never lost courage, although today the same producers meet many times for the offer.

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