Life of Millennial Couple Summed up Through Stand-Up Comedy

Millennial Couples by Abhijit Ganguly
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Are you also one of the Idealistic Couples?

If yes, then don’t forget to watch the Summarisation by Abhijit Ganguly to find that how you guys are unique as a couple. 

Abijit Ganguly, one of the Best Stand-up Comedian summarised the relationship conditions and status of couples by correlating them with his own situations.

Get to know how it feels like to be in this millennial relationship.

This outstanding Stand-up Comedian nailed each and every situation in an Excellent Humoristic Style. 

Check-out Few Giggling Punchlines of Him Here:

Me and My wife, we are not one of those millennial married Couples.

And what that basically means is ki hum dono hi ghatiya se hai

Bilkul Bekaar…….

Kisiko Kuchh aata hi Nahi


Bekaar Millennials Ki Aapas Me Shaadi Ho Rahi Hai

Pehla Hafta to Nikal Jata Hai Ki Pyaar Hai

Phir Lagta Hai Ab Khana Banega Kaise, Bey????


Parents started raising the Girls, the way they were raising the Boys.

Whereas the opposite should have happened.

Because as a Result, Aap Sabhi Chutiye Chutiye se Nikal Rahe Ho 

Aur un Bekar Logo ki Aapas Me Shaadi Ho Rahi Hai. 

Watch Full Video of Millennial Couples Stand-up Comedy by Abijit Ganguly Here:


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