Simi Garewal was First Choice for MX Player’s “Queen”

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Hindi cinema’s well-experienced actress Simi Garewal has revealed that the role of Jayalalitha’s interviewer in the web series ‘Queen’ was first offered to her, but she refused to play it due to some ethical reasons.

Simi says, ‘I don’t think we can revive the character of a departed person after watching some interviews! This is not true morally, especially if the person has not lived in this world anymore.

Simi Garewal Rejected the Role Due to Her Moral Reasons

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The actress, known as the iconic host, said, ‘The producers of the series called me several times in my office. But I did not feel right to perform an interview with a passed away person. This could not have happened, because it would look like coercion and would harm my standard too. I have moral reasons to reject it. But this does not, in any way, reflect the quality of the show. She is one of the most indomitable women of our time. I thank the producers for rewriting her story, and wish them all success.’

Statement of Directors on Simi Garewal Rejection

Directors Gautam Vasudev Menon and Prashant Murugesan wanted Simi to play the interview role of Jayalalithaa in this TV series. Talking about this, Gautam and Menon says, ‘We wanted the show to have an artist who could connect with Shakti, and bring out the most obvious aspects of her life. Who would be better than Simi Garewal for doing this? Her ability to empathize with the guests made her a perfect fit. However, it did not work. We eventually casted Lillete Dubey at the end. She hosts a great talk show.’

Successful Premiere of MX Player Queen Web Series

Now, the starring powerhouse performer, Baahubali Shivgami Devi i.e. Ramya Krishnan is appearing in the web series ‘Queen’ as Jayalalithaa. ‘Queen’ tells the story of Shakthi Sheshadri, a young girl who was a state topper, a superstar reluctant heroine and later became the youngest Chief Minister.

In an interview, Ramya Krishnan said that “It is mainly a story of an unstoppable woman – her rise, her power, her journey and more. This role feels like it was written for me and I have done all in my power to bring this to life. It is definitely a story worth telling and I am proud to be a part of a show like this.”

The 11 Episodic MX Player’s series based upon the real life inspiring story of a youngest politician is premiering on MX Player.

One should binge watch this Series, if they are not well-versed with the inspiring tale of Shakthi Sheshadri, who has pushed to embrace life choices which was not her own. Even after that, she excelled in her life and is now motivating the entire population to live an inspiring life like her.

Watch MX Player’s Queen Trailer Here:


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