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Siddhant Chaturvedi’s One-liner Shuts Down Ananya Pandey’s Debate on Nepotism

Ananya Pandey and Sidhant Chaturvedi
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Ever since Kangana Ranaut’s debut in Karan Johar’s show ‘Koffee with Karan’, there has been a huge debate in Bollywood about nepotism and we think this is true. Even with no talent, Star Kids has a place in the Bollywood industry, while regular people have to struggle a lot for auditions. Recently, in an interview, Ananya Pandey talked about Nepotism.

Ananya said, “Everyone thinks it’s very glamorous and I’ve got everything I needed. I’m so grateful to be my dad’s daughter and I don’t want it any other way.” When people hate me for nepotism, I am not ashamed that I am the daughter of Chunky Pandey. My father has worked really hard and is still working so hard every single day. She is very proud of him. I could never imagine that I am very proud as his daughter.

Watch Ananya’s Statement on Nepotism Here:

Ananya added, “When the release of SOTY – 2 was delayed by a year, my father didn’t really congratulate me even until the film’s release, because the industry is so volatile. Anything can change, its shooting may stop, it may release years later and he knows. I had a very personal experience, I have seen my father going through so many things that I do not take anything seriously. My father has never worked in a Dharma film, he never went to Coffee with Karan. So it was not so easy for him. As many people say, Everyone has their own journey and their own struggle.”

After listening to this conversation, Siddhant Chaturvedi, who played the character of MC Sher in the film ‘Gully Boy’, made his stand on Ananya’s point. Siddhanth said, “Everyone has their own struggle. The only difference is that where our dreams come true, their struggle begins.”

Many Twitter users have praised the theory that they called that Siddhant Chaturvedi’s One-liner has described the Bollywood problem.

What is your opinion on this and what do you think of Bollywood’s nepotism, let us know in the comment box.

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