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Tribute to Great Bollywood Icon Shashi Kapoor with His 7 Evergreen Songs

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Shashi Kapoor, his passing on 4 December 2017 has upset everyone. Whether television, what print, what web and what is social, the same things are happening in all types of media. People are missing them in different ways. Telling their stories. For them, their favorite style is being calculated. There are discussions of his films. All celebrities are sharing their memoirs. In such a situation, we are cherishing them in memories through their songs.

As such, there are dozens of songs that should be in the playlist. Sorting some of them was a difficult task. What was left and what remained was the religious dilemma all the time. This list has been created by entangling him. All these songs will definitely be heard by some one or the other. Now just do this, listen all of them here with Entertainry.

1. ‘Mohabbat Bade Kaam ki Chiz Hain’ (Trishul, 1978)

The most brilliant advice given to Shashi Saheb to Amitabh. In the song, Shashi Kapoor and Hema Malini’s pair is trying to show the importance of love to Kore Amitabh due to the feeling of love. When Shashi sings in one place, ‘Mohabbat se itna khafa hone wale, chal aa aaj tujhko mohabbat sikha de,’ it is worth seeing the feeling of unafraid on their faces. This song is not only for listening but also for best for watching. The Jugalbandi of Kishore, Lata and Yesudas is doing something great.

2. ‘Keh Du Tumhe ya Chup Rahun’ (Deewaar, 1975)

One remembers the same thing when we mention the combination of ‘wall’ and Shashi Kapoor. Classical dialogue with ‘Mere pas Maa Hain’. This song is not so much, if not less famous than that. This song became so great in Kishore Kumar’s fun filled voice that many versions of it came out after the remix era.

3. ‘Ek tha Gul or ek thi Bulbul’ (Jab Jab Phool Khile, 1965

Although the film’s ‘Pardesi se na akhiyan milana’ has also been a huge hit, but the amazing anecdote involved in it is the biggest reason behind choosing it. When Nanda was given a walk – Sashi would tell him a whole story about Gul and their love story. The better Anand Bakshi has written, the more beautiful Kalyanji – Anandji has composed the tune of the song.

4. ‘Khilte Hain Gul Yahan’ (Sharmili, 1971)

Another booming song. The jugalbandi of lyricist Neeraj and composer Sachin Dev Burman, underlining the ephemeral life of the lyrics and conveying them to the audience with utmost ease.

5. ‘Le Jaenge, Le Jaenge, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaenge’ (Chor Machaye Shor, 1974)

Shah Rukh Khan, who created many records in the history of Hindi cinema and has a global identity. The title of ‘DDLJ’, which has got it, has come from this song. While entering into Mehbooba’s house and picking him up, he should have felt domineering by Shashi Kapoor, but seems cute.

6. ‘Aye Yaar Sun Yaar Teri’ (Suhaag, 1979)

Amitabh Bachchan is already present in a classy song with friendship. ‘We will not break this friendship’ of ‘Sholay’. After that, the song he liked in friendship and bike combination was with Shashi Kapoor. Laxmikant – Anand Bakshi’s lyrics are very pleasing to the tune of ‘Pyarelal’. Even today, at the friend’s birthday, people WhatsApp this song to their Jigari Yaar.

7. ‘Yahan Main Ajnabee Hun’ ( Jab Jab Phool Khile, 1965)

This is the bonus track of this Evergreen Songs list. And may be this is most important also to watch and see in this Modern Time. Also most important in the round is the style of Shashi Saheb, who always appears brightly on the screen. From lovers scattered in love to young people who fall alone and go in the lap of depression, many people often feel the same. ‘Yahan Mai Ajnabee Hun’.

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