‘Parasite’ first non-English Best Film created History by winning Oscar Award

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The 92nd Academy Awards were held at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood on Sunday night. Defying the claims of film critics, the South Korean film Parasite created history by winning the Oscar for Best Picture. Parasite became the first non-English film to win an Oscar. The film has won a total of four awards which includes Best Original Screenplay, Best Film, Best Director and Best International Feature. The Best Actor Award went to Walkinfinix for ‘Joker’. At the same time, Renee Zellweger was chosen for the film ‘Judy’.

Short Summary of Parasite Film

The story of the film ‘Parasite’ is very poignant and the social order is tighter. The story moves forward with two South Korean families. They live in the city and in both families, one is very rich while the other is poor. Both families face everyday struggles, but both have completely different needs. Overall, the film clearly portrays family, money and priorities in a very touching way.

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Oscar 2020 Highlights

Sam Mendis has been nominated for an Oscar after 20 years. The award was won for ‘American Beauty’ in 2020.

25-year-old Saoirse Ronan, who was nominated for ‘Little Woman’, has become the second youngest actress to receive Best Actress nomination four times. Jennifer Lawrence has achieved this feat earlier.

Cynthia Irivo, who was nominated for Best Actress and Song Stand Up in two categories, can also win and create a new record. If Cynthia wins in a single category, Amy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony will become the 16th celeb to win the award.

Music composer John Williams is the highest-performing Oscar nomination (52) in history. Walt Disney has more nominations than John (59).

Hollywood legend Martin Scorsese is the highest ranking nominee with 9 nominations. Martin has been nominated in the Best Director category for Netflix Studios’ film The Irishman.

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