Some Interesting Facts About Lucky Ali

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Lucky Ali, Today’s generation may not know much about this name, but for people born in the early 90s, this name is like a beautiful memory. Lucky Ali, who beat Bollywood in an era with pop culture, stayed away from the desire for fame. He did his favorite work and despite being a very sweet and tinkling voice, lived in a mainstream culture like a nomadic recluse instead of being a ram. Famous comedian Mahmood Ali’s son Lucky Ali had a feud with his father and the relationship between the two was not normal.

Real Name of Lucky Ali

Lucky Ali is a famous singer and actor from India. Lucky Ali is more famous as a singer and he is known for singing. His original name is Maqsood Mahmud Ali. Lucky Ali was born on 19 September 1989. Lucky Ali is the son of famous Bollywood comedian Mahmood.

Relationship Between Father and Son

Mahmood Ali was a very busy actor in the 60s – 70s and he often stayed away from his house due to shooting. The distance from his home was that after spending 10 months in a boarding school, Ali, who was 4 years old, met his father and he could not recognize him. But he said that this is the comedian Mehmood of films.

Drug Addiction at Young Age

His boarding school was among the beautiful plains of Mussoorie. Ali had also spent some time in drug addiction, due to which his father wrote the film ‘Dushman Duniya Ka’. Ali’s younger brother Manzoor acted in this film. The story of film was about a man named Lucky who kills his mother due to drug addiction and then his father kills him. Ali refused to do this dark film because he felt that the level of hope in this film is too high. Although he sang his first song in this film.

Received Loads of Love for His Work

Lucky Ali never liked the glamour of films but when he sang in films like a genius artist, the audience gave him a lot of love. In Hrithik Roshan’s film ‘Ek Pal Ka Jeena’ and ‘Yuva’, he sang Anjana Anjani song and people still hum this song.

Lucky Ali Married Thrice

Lucky Ali’s first wife was from New Zealand Who also worked on his album ‘O Sanam’. After this, he married a Persian woman, after which he married a British model.

Promotes Eco-Friendly Nature

He continued to advocate a simple lifestyle and besides music he also loved to raise horses. Apart from this, he sold carpets and has also worked as a farmer for a long time. He is very supportive of environmental protection and organic farming too.


Nominated for Filmfare Award

He was also nominated for the song ‘Aa Bhi Ja’ which was featured in ‘Sur’ at the 48th Filmfare Awards.

Achievements of Lucky Ali

Lucky Ali’s debut album ‘Sanoh’ was a huge success and made him one of the popular names in Indian pop. He did best in the year 1996. He won The Pop Male Singer category in Screen Awards for his debut album. And in 1997, he won Channel V Viewer’s Choice Award. Lucky Ali was included in the MTV Asia Charts for 60 weeks. His “O Sanam”, a song from the album, is considered one of the best Indian pop songs. His second album was Cipher, which did not reach the heights of his previous album. Lucky Ali’s third album was ‘Aks’, which was positively accepted by music lovers.

This is all about the Son of legendary actor Mehmood Ali named Lucky Ali.

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