Super Cool & Surprising Facts about Iron Man

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Tony Stark, The legendary Iron Man always remains the Super Hero in the heart of his Die-Hard Fans. According to them this Super Hero cannot be beaten up and no one can defend him. He is not limited to one Super Hero, but he also played the role of Spiderman, Batman and Superman as well. Are you also a Die-Hard Fan of this Legendary Super Hero? If yes, then you must surely know this 8 cool facts about Tony Stark’s Most Loved Movie The Iron Man those are known by very less fans.

1. Movie was “Do or Die” situation for Makers

Tony Stark


Marvel Studio was filed for Bankruptcy after huge loss, but somehow they paid off the debt. Later on they decided to gamble again by putting all their assets upon their new project and that was “Iron Man”. But this gamble was worth for makers as the movie earned $500 Million and achieved great success on Box Office.

2. Complete Movie with Incomplete Script

Tony Stark iron man


After putting everything at the edge, the Marvel was in a huge rush to release the movie and they were shooting the movie even when the script was not completed by the writers. So, while shooting the movie, the actors of movie remains unaware with their lines that they are going to use in their next scene.

3. Iron Man with Nose

iron man without nose


At the very start, the legendary creator of Iron Man Comic creator Stan Lee questioned the makers that why the Iron Man Costume don’t have nose and decided to have one. But after years later, he himself went away from his decision and approved the costume without any Nose, i.e., “The Nose-less Iron Man”.

4. The Superhero received Training from Captain America

iron man and captain america


To best fit in the role , Tony Stark requested Captain America to train him for a while and Captain America accepted his request. After getting trained by him, Tony Stark turned out to be quite the fighting force.

5. 53 Iron Man Suit in Total

iron man suit


We don’t know if you have noticed or not, but Tony Stark created 53 Suit roughly to get the best upgraded version of it. He even made a “rescue suit” for Pepper Potts.

6. Suit have capacity to lift up more than 100 Tons

tony stark as iron man


Are you aware of this fact? The Iron Man suit holds the capacity to lift up more than 100 Tons of weight and this makes the legendary Superhero of Universe. This undeniable strength is also one major reason that influence us to call him Legendary.

7. This Movie was the Turning Point for Robert Downey Jr.

robert downey jr iron man


This was the Project that made Robert Downey Jr. a Millionaire. The name and fame that he received from this movie is worth. This stardom of the character and movie have a long way to go.

8. Iron Man’s Suit is going to be Reality

iron man suit


After getting impressed by the movie and character, the military has been researching suits like Iron Man’s for a while now that their Soldiers can wear. Now, the wait is not too long when we will get to see the use of Iron Man Suit in the Real World.

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