Deepika Padukone’s Chhapaak Release Date, Casts & Trailer

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Deepika Padukone’s new film Chhapaak is coming. In which we will get to see Malti not Deepika. In Indian films, women have been used only as props. That is something which is kept in the camera frame, so that the scene becomes beautiful. But this upcoming film is defying all these formulas, showing the ‘ugly’ face of one of the most beautiful women in India. The story is about how she became ‘ugly’? Is all beauty really in the face only? Does someone’s deteriorated face, deteriorates their life as well? All such things that we did not even reach the bottom of and is also not possible to do so.

Short Summary of Chhapaak

The story of ‘Chhapaak’ is about a girl named Malti. In 2005, A boy on the street threw acid on her face. Her face is scorched, her face has deteriorated so much that now she is afraid to see herself in the mirror. Children are scared to see her on the street. But the women around her inspires the girl to fight. So that what happened to Malti could not happen to any other girl. Malti agrees to fight. Her fight is not just with the boy who threw acid on her face. Her fight is with court, with typical man’s thought, and most importantly is from herself. Whether she wins or loses is not an issue. She stood up to fight, so she is an example for the all such acid victims to stand against the culprits and fight for justice.

How is the Trailer of Movie?

So terrible that after seeing that, you will start doubting your thinking even. To say this film is inspired by real life event. And even if there is some addition and subtraction, it will be to improve this concept and circumstances. At least this much thing about the film, you will get to understand by watching the trailer. Every scene of the trailer sounds like an electric shock on your mind and Forces to think strongly. The film talks about almost everything related to acid attack issues. After the acid attack, the effect from the girl’s face to her heart and mind. Her outer battle. Her inner battle. Easy selling of acid in the market. Throwing acids on girls. All these things ‘Chhapaak’ trailer will say in one breath. The heartbreaking lines from the movie like, ‘No nose, no ear, where will I hang the earrings’ and’ Attack happened on the girls who wanted to study. Or those wanted to grow. Lines like this match with their visuals work to make people cry in the body. If you can write the line “Must Watch” by watching the trailer, then ‘Chhapaak’ is that same film.

Chhapaak Casts

Deepika Padukone, Last appeared in Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘Zero’ in her own role. Before that in ‘Padmavat’. And Now she is playing Malti in ‘Chhapaak’. And she is not only acting in this film, but is also attached as a producer. For the first time in her career, Deepika Padukone is producing a film. Along with her, Vikrant Massey will also be seen in this film. Character of Vikrant is of a Journalist. Also, a the viewers will also get to see romantic angle between Deepika and Vikrant in the film.

Who Directed the Movie?

Meghna Gulzar has directed this film. Although Meghna is the daughter of Rakhi and Gulzar, but her identity is much more than this. She started her career as a director with a film titled ‘Filhaal’. The film was critically acclaimed but not seen. This was followed by films like ‘Just Married’ and ‘Dus Kahani’ (2007). But Meghna got popularity in 2015 from Irfan Khan starrer film Talwar on Aarushi Murder Case. Then came her Alia Bhatt starrer Espionage thriller ‘Raazi’, which was both commercially and critically successful. And finally she is bringing ‘Chhapaak’.

Release Date of Chhapaak

Shooting of ‘Chhapaak’ started in March 2019 and ended in June. During this time, the film team Shot the film in many areas of Delhi. From where many of the Videos were also leaked. An important part of the film was also shot in the Noida studio till date. You will also get a glimpse of it in the film trailer. Well, all the work of the film is over now. And ‘Chhapaak’ is landing in Theaters on 10 January, 2020.

Watch Chhapaak Movie Trailer Here:


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