Cubicles by TVF: A Nostalgic Trip of First Job

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Language: Hindi

Genre: Comedy, Web Series

Year: 2019

Who are the Star Casts of TVF’s Cubicle?

TVF’s Cubicles is an Indian web-series that follows the chronicles of Piyush Prajaati, a 22 year old boy. He is a typical first jobber and you will get to see that how this young boy will balance himself with the people around him. Check out the list of entire star cast of Cubicles.

Abhishek Chauhan (Piyush Prajapati)
Nidhi Bisht (Megha Asthana)
Badri Chavan (Gautam Batra)
Arnav Bhasin (Kalpesh Bhatia)
Khushbu Baid (Supriya Kulkarni)
Shivankit Singh Parihar (Angad Waghmare)
Niketan Sharma (Naveen Shetty)

What is the Story of Cubicles?

The first jobber, Piyush is too enthusiastic and is excited for his first day on job. From crispy dialogue to a brilliant script, this TVF series is going to depict the life and struggle of Freshers on their first job perfectly.

The Very first Dialogue at the starting of series, actually nailed it.

“According to Indian Advisory Board….
Ek average New Born Baby
Paida hone ke chaar mahine baad uth kar baithna shuru kar deta hain…
Saatve mahine me….
crawl karna sikh jata hain aur….
barahve mahine me
wo jaa kar peheli baar apne pairon pe khada hota hain….
Lekin apni family aur society ki nazron me…
Wo apne pairon pe tabhi khada hota hain
jab uski pehli job lagti hain….

Why One Should Watch TVF’s Series ‘Cubicles’?

Life of young Millennials are not easy at all and this is what this series depicting. Simply saying, Cubicles is based upon a story focusing on Gen-Next’ very first step into the corporate world. Each and every scene and punchline is lit in its own way and are quite relatable to the life of us, The Young Millennials. The series is quite inspiring and encouraging for Corporate Newbies, Fresh outs of Colleges that no matter what you have to stick it out till the very end to achieve your goal, your life ambition.

Episodes till now are showcasing that the first day of Piyush in his office is far from Good and depicted the setbacks of his first working day. But at the end of every episode is quite heartwarming and ends with a touch of supremely uplifting note.

The Series is worth to watch, if you are thinking that your life is tough in corporate sector.

Watch Trailer of TVF’s Cubicles Here:

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