Chhapaak Movie Review: Deepika Padukone and Vikrant Massey’s ‘Chhapaak’ is full of Emotions

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Director- Meghna Gulzar

Movie Type- Drama

Ratings: 3.5 stars

‘Koi Chehra Mita ke aur Aankh se hata ke chand chhinte uda ke jo gaya chhapaak se pehchan le gaya’

The film ‘Chhapaak’, with the tunes of Shankar Ehsaan Loy and these alfaazs written by Gulzar, started to ignite. If it happens, its heat is maintained till the end. We meet Malti in this film, on whose face a person threw acid. As a 2020 Bollywood heroine, Malati, with scorched face and lofty intentions, is one of the most familiar to us, with eyes in her eyes saying that he has changed my face, not intentions. . . ‘Let’s go, in this world of Malti, which despite being frightening but quite beautiful.

Synopsis of Chapaak Movie

19-year-old Malti (Deepika Padukone) studies in a girls’ school. There is a boys school near her school in which she likes Rajesh (Ankit Bisht) who studies there. Their love story gets eclipsed when the heart of a tailor named Bashir Khan hits Malati. He starts sending romantic messages to her phone. Whom Malti keeps silently ignoring.

One day, when he sees Malti and Rajesh walking together and he gets jealous over it. And then one day he hands over a bottle of acid to a woman in his family and pours acid on Malti’s face. This unfortunate incident changed Malti’s life. She is scared herself after seeing her new face after surgery. All the things of grooming are stuffed in the box and keep it aside.

In such a situation, her lawyer (Madhurjit Saraghi) would rekindle his lost courage. Reminds him that only those who threw acid on her face wanted to break her spirit. Malti understands this and that is fixed. She believes that she will never let this plan succeed.

Meanwhile, she meets Amol Dwivedi (Vikrant Massey), who runs an NGO for acid attack survivors. Malti joins Amol’s organization. She also files a PIL in the court to stop the sale of acid. It would be better to watch the film Chhapaak to know about the story ahead and Malti’s struggle.

How is the Acting of Chhapaak Starcasts?

Deepika Padukone has done an unmatched job in acting. She has emphatically expressed the kind of change in the mood during the journey of an acid victim to become an acid survivor. The conversion of fear, anger and feelings of guilt into liveliness, happiness and confidence produces a different effect in the film.

Vikrant Massey is cast in the role of a serious, stubborn NGO owner, though it would have been better if his role was a bit longer.

Madhurjeet Saraghi is very comfortable as a lawyer.

Deepika and Vikrant’s chemistry has been fantastic. The cinematography of Malay Prakash is amazing. Filming of certain scenes is amazing, such as a dupatta waving scene of acid attack survivors in a train.

Although the film’s cinematography is cinematic, it also has some documentary style. This film is not for people looking for masala entertainment.

One drawback in the film is that it could have gone a bit deeper into the world of Acid Attack Survivors.

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