#CarryMinati: CarryMinati Viral Roast Against TikTok Star Amir Siddiqui

Carryminati Viral Roasting Video
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The famous Youtuber CarryMinati who is very popular among youth as he has 12.4 million subscribers on Youtube. The Real Name of CarryMinati is Ajey Nagar and the CarryMinati age is 20 Years. At this age, He is very famous when it comes to roast someone on Youtube but this time he has broken his own old records on roastings.

This time he roasts against Amir Siddiqui who is a famous Tiktok star who raised a topic called Youtube vs Tiktok. So, Carryminati roasted this TikTok star through his recently uploaded YouTube video which has gone viral as his followers and subscribers are crazily sharing his roasting video against Amir Siddiqui over different social media platforms.

This way, Carrryminati who was already very popular has received 15 million views in just a day, and now he is the first Indian Youtuber who has gained 2 million likes in no time which is really very surprising for himself as well.

Ajey Nagar himself shared through his official Twitter account that he is experiencing such a thing for the first time in his life since he started posting his roasting videos on YouTube.


Not only his video, but the meme creators are also crazily creating tons of funny memes on his roast video against Amir Siddiqui. Here, we are sharing a few viral memes that will definitely make you laugh.



Now everyone is siding with Carryminati and saying that Amir Siddiqui made a huge mistake by making fun of Carryminati who is already famous among his followers and fans for his funny and unique roasting style.

Watch the Full Roasting Video of CarryMinati against Amir Siddiqui Here:


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