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An Eight-Year Run of Game of Thrones Finally Came to an End

Game of Thrones
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The much anticipated Final Episode of Game of Thrones Season 8 aired on 19 May 2019. Since 2011, every year HBO were realising One season and was creating suspense in Viewers mind. But this long run finally came to an end with its Eighth Season and with its wrap up, Entertainry is providing Viewers with entire saga of this Season right here!!!!

Below we are summarising the entire plot of Game of Thrones Season 8 in short and somehow you will find the Major Spoilers of GOT Season 8 below. So, get ready to break your suspense…. 

GOT S8.01-Winterfell

The very first episode will show that the Lannisters arriving at Winterfell, it’s Daenerys and an army of Unsullied, alongside Jon Snow and her band of advisors and will indicate a sweet and sour reunion with remaining children of Stark. Daenerys rides into Winterfell as though she owns the place, which, in her mind, she most certainly does. The Stark Reunion is Heartwarming until Jon realizes that Bran got really weird and Arya warns him to remember his family loyalties, lest his name appear on her kill list. Well, she didn’t actually say that, but I wouldn’t put it past her. In Season 7 Jon bent the knee to Daenerys, which leads Samwell Tarly to get to know that Daenerys killed his family when they refused to surrender – finally and tells Jon the truth of his parentage, and begs him to accept his birthright as ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. At the end, it’s just return of Lannister to Winterfell and comes face-to-face with Bran.

GOT S8.02-A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

The Second Episode, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms is all about the calmness before the Storm as the Night King Continues his marches ahead towards the Winterfell, starting with the matter of Jaime’s arrival at Stark HQ. Meanwhile Daenerys was thinking about all the things that she should do with the person who killed his father. This peaceful time is utilized by The Mother of Dragons to mend relations with both Tyrion and Sansa. However, this episode will end with the Night King’s much anticipated arrival at Winterfell and the show promises to show the most awaited and biggest battle to the viewers in the history of Entertainment.

GOT S8.03The Long Night

The Third Episode of this season, The Long Night is the most thrilling episode of entire season as it is all about the Battle of Winterfell. The war occurs between the Night King’s army and those are tasked with defending Stark HQ. The Dothraki are quickly defeated, however, the undead masses return the aggression by charging into Winterfell’s first line of defence, which includes Grey Worm & the Unsullied, Brienne, Jaime, Tormund, Sam, Eddison, The Hound, and Beric, among others. Meanwhile, during the Battle Arya finds herself trapped within the Winterfell library, pursued by the enemy, but she’s soon rescued by The Hound and Beric. Finally, the episode ends with the scenario where Melisandre walking out into the snow, removing her necklace to reveal her true self, and succumbing to a quiet demise. The Lord of Light, it seems, is finally done with The Red Woman for good. 

GOT S8.04-The Last of the Starks

The Fourth Episode of this season, The Last Starks starts with mourning for the people who lost their lives in the Battle of Winterfell, But soon the grief turns out in joy with victory celebration after defeating the White Walkers. Jon and Dany will also have a private conversation, in which the Dragon Mother begs the former to keep his real identity a secret so she can successfully maintain her claim to the throne, but eventually Jon spills the beans to Arya and Sansa. After Grand Celebration, next morning the War Council decided to attack on King’s Landing. But, before this can happen, Euron Greyjoy and the Iron Fleet turn up out of nowhere, killing Rheagal with a barrage of giant arrows and destroys most of Dany’s ships, and kidnapping Missandei. The episode ends at the walls of Cersei’s increasingly shrinking kingdom, where Dany, Tyrion, Varys, Grey Worm, and a small group of Unsullied soldiers attempt to hold peace talks with the Queen Mother, asking her to stand down and surrender to avoid any further bloodshed. 

GOT S8.05-The Bells

The Fifth Episode of this season, The Bell begins with Political Thriller in Dragonstone. Unfortunately, once Tyrion finally spills the beans to the Dragon Mother about Varys’ plans, she burns the Eunuch alive. Meanwhile, it transpires that Jaime has been captured by the Unsullied on his way to King’s Landing, but somehow organised an escape from there. Next Morning, the siege of King’s Landing begins and the episode turns into a full blown war story in Entertainment history. But, back to Arya, and her attempt to escape the city, as she witnessed first-hand the destruction and human tragedy that Dany is unleashing upon the city, and barely escaping the chaos with her own life. After being knocked unconscious, the Night King’s killer awakes to a city strewn with ash, rubble, and corpses, andThis episode ends with her riding out amongst the mass graveyard on horseback. One wonders whether the assassin has just added another name to her list, and if that prophesy about the green eyes may still be fulfilled after all… 

GOT S8.06-The Iron Throne

The most awaited final episode, The Iron Throne starts with melancholy as the Tyrion looks upon the wreckage of Daenerys’s assault on King’s Landing, making his way up to the Red Keep and into the crypts below to find the corpses of his two twin siblings, Jaime and Cersei. During the War, Arya died in front of the Iron Throne when Kingsguard head Jaime Lannister, appalled by the Mad King’s demands that the whole city be engulfed in wildfire, impaled him from behind. Daenerys died when her most trusted ally, appalled by her engulfing the city in dragonfire, impaled her from the front. And finally, Daenerys’ death roused Drogon, who flew into the Great Hall. Drogon, presumably in a rage against the symbol of the power that corrupted his mother, burned down the Iron Throne. Game of Thrones’ final, final shot, however, is of Jon, who is seen venturing North beyond the wall with Tormund, Ghost, and the rest of the Free Folk. A brief appearance of foliage sprouting through the snow as his new people take back their homeland suggests that Winter is finally over, and – though his actions have come at a cost – Jon may at last find some peace and happiness after all. 

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